Europe's eight million teachers and school professionals need support for ongoing development of their knowledge and skills in a changing world. The shift towards transversal competences, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning, new pedagogical approaches as well as increasingly technology-rich and flexible learning environments is challenging schools. European Schoolnet facilitates Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of school education professionals across Europe in three ways:

  • by introducing new pedagogical approaches supported by relevant digital technologies;
  • by supporting teacher collaboration, peer-learning and exchange of practice; and
  • by providing on-site and online training opportunities.

To mainstream innovative practices in education, European Schoolnet aims to engage teachers and other stakeholders at all levels, starting from initial teacher education, through early support for novice teachers and flexible ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders throughout their careers.

Teachers' professional development and capacity-building are integral parts of the majority of our projects. A large part of the CPD activities are channelled through European Schoolnet 's two flagship initiatives, Future Classroom Lab and European Schoolnet Academy.

  • The Future Classroom Lab (FCL) is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels, that allows stakeholders including policy and decision-makers, teacher trainers, industry and school staff to explore innovative approaches and technologies, and engage in discussion on ICT, pedagogy and learning space design.
  • The European Schoolnet Academy, launched in 2014, has provided to date over 50 massive open online courses (MOOCs) free of charge to the European education professionals. The courses are highly regarded by the participants with 90% on average rating courses as "very good" and recommending them to colleagues.

Furthermore, European Schoolnet supports and enhances professional development among many a variety of target audiences and topics, including:

  • Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and teacher trainers (ITELab project, 2017-2019 and Design-FILS, ongoing)
  • Beginning teachers (INDUCAS, 2017-2018)
  • Regional policy-makers and authorities (FCL Regio, 2016-2018 and EDU Regio, ongoing)
  • Coding, creativity and problem-solving (Code Week, ongoing)
  • Cultural and scientific heritage (Europeana, ongoing)

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