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Digital Citizenship
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Code Week

This October, EU Code Week will again help transform lives by making digital skills and innovation come to life for citizens across Europe and beyond. From 6 to 21 October, schools, non-profits, coding clubs, and other organisations are invited to host activities centered on coding and computational thinking. Participants are invited to organise an activity, sign up via the EU Code Week website, and spread the word amongst their networks.

Now in its 6th year, EU Code Week started as a grass-roots initiative that celebrates creativity, problem solving, and collaboration through coding and other tech activities for people of all ages. This year, a special focus is being placed on school participation, and teachers of all levels and subjects are invited to join the movement by organising activities with their students within the framework of EU Code Week. Teachers are encouraged to give their students a first look into the world of coding and inspire students to further involvement by incorporating hand-on activities and lessons in their classrooms, whether on- or off-line.

URL: http://codeweek.eu/

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