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Digital Citizenship
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Safer Internet Forum

Safer Internet Forum (SIF) is a key annual international conference in Europe where policy makers, researchers, law enforcement bodies, youth, parents and carers, teachers, NGOs, industry representatives, experts and other relevant actors come together to discuss the latest trends, risks and solutions related to child online safety and making the internet a better place.

During this year's edition, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel (European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society) will present the winners of the #SaferInternet4EU Awards, designed to recognise and reward young people, teachers and organisations who have demonstrated best practice in creating a safer and better digital world. The Awards form one aspect of the wider #SaferInternet4EU initiative which has been running throughout 2018 with the aim of promoting online safety, media literacy and cyber hygiene to help children, young people, parents, teachers, and other EU citizens to become empowered and responsible digital users.

URL: https://www.betterinternetforkids.eu/web/portal/practice/awareness/detail?articleId=3278379

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