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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is forcing educators around the world to adapt and innovate their practices. With schools and universities reopening in the 2nd half of 2020, we are increasingly seeing the implementation of blended learning approaches to accommodate public health restrictions. While blended learning is not new in teacher education and training, the scale and speed at which changes are being implemented place significant challenges on teacher educators and the organisations in which they operate.

The European Schoolnet Academy Thematic Seminar series was launched in order to facilitate discussion and exchange with European Schoolnet’s Ministries of Education about key themes originating from the work of the European Schoolnet Academy. In preparation of each seminar a literature review on the theme is conducted which is published as part of a more general report after the seminar. The first Thematic Seminar was held in 2019 on the topic of Peer Assessment in Teacher Education and Training. The full report from the first Seminar can be accessed here.

The 2nd European Schoolnet Academy Thematic Seminar, that will happen on 1st December 2020, at 15:00 (CET), therefore aims to support teacher educators, administrators, and policy makers in taking evidence-based decisions about how to effectively implement blended learning in teacher education and training.

Please register before 30th November 2020, and find out all details in the programme.

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