Mobile learning & cloud services - Beyond the text book. Recommendations and guidelines for policy makers


During its first year, the FCL Regio project focused on several key questions. What is mobile learning? What are cloud services for schools? How can they support a ‘beyond the textbook’ strategy? Why is this important? What are the potential benefits of introducing these technologies in the classroom?

Comparative analysis of the European surveys on ICT at school


The report presents the findings of the research carried out within STEP 2 of the European Schoolnet Working Group on ICT in Education Indicators (hereafter also “ICT@School”). The report provides a systematic and comparative analysis of the surveys carried out in the countries participating in the ICT@School project.

Safer Internet Day 2017: Public report on campaign activities and successes


This report highlights some of the successes of the Safer Internet Day 2017 campaign, drawing upon the work of SICs in Europe, SID Committees across the globe, organisational and industry SID Supporters, the European Commission and the central Safer Internet Day Coordination Team.

Developing Computational Thinking in Compulsory Education - Implications for policy and practice


This report on Computational Thinking (CT) aims to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of recent research findings and grassroots and policy initiatives for developing CT as a competence for the 21st century among schoolchildren, and also to highlight the implications for policy and practice.

Monitoring eTwinning Practice – A pilot project guiding teachers’ competence development


The 2016 eTwinning Monitoring report presents the results of the pilot programme tracking the impact of eTwinning projects on teachers’ practice and competence development!

RRI in practice for schools (Handbook for teachers)


This handbook for teachers has been created with the main aim of accommodating Research and Innovation (R&I) practices in schools, and particularly in the teaching of STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The e-Skills Manifesto 2016


European Schoolnet and DIGITALEUROPE launched the fifth and final edition of the e-Skills Manifesto as part of the eSkills for Jobs 2016 campaign.

ICT in STEM Education - Impacts and Challenges: Setting the scene


A STEM Alliance Literature Review on the impact of ICT in education.

Go-Lab introductory brochure


An introductory brochure to the Go-Lab project, global online science labs inquiry learning at school for teachers, headteachers, and policy-makers.

Go-Lab: Integrated validation and evaluation report and recommendations – complete version


The main aims of this deliverable are to provide a full analysis of the evaluation data that has been collected in the course of project’s final implementation year along with a set of recommendations targeting Go-Lab’s main audiences, i.e. teachers and schools.