BYOD for Schools Pocket Guide: Technical Risks Planning


The pocket guide is designed for school leaders or new IT Administrators in schools that have decided to implement a Bring Your Own Device strategy and who are looking for practical, introductory advice regarding the technical aspects of doing this and specifically. It provides an overview of risk management processes involving drawing up and regularly reviewing a risk, listing anticipated risks, how serious they are and how likely to occur, together with plans for how they will be avoided or mitigated.

BYOD for Schools Pocket Guide: An Introduction to the Technologies and Terminologies


This pocket guide includes explanations of some basic concepts, common terms and acronyms, useful for schools that have decided to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. It is intended to help non-technical school leaders and staff when discussing BYOD and especially network requirements. Having some grasp of basic concepts and terms is important to enable informed discussions of the key technical issues that will need to be addressed when planning BYOD.

Better Internet for Kids Annual Report 2016- 17


Building on a succession of Safer Internet programmes, BetterInternet for Kids (BIK) is the latest European Commission-fundedinitiative aimed at creating a better internet for Europe’s childrenand youth.

Open Book of Innovational Education


The Open Book examines how innovation, especially technology-inspired innovation is defined, showcasing over a hundred ground-breaking initiatives in schools across Europe.

Driving Innovation in Education - How far we have come and where we are going


Launched on the occasion of European Shoolnet’s 20th anniversary, this publication reflects on the network’s past and its vision for the future.

Building a culture of inclusion through eTwinning


The publication presents a selection of eTwinning projects and activities that promote inclusive education and shows how the teachers and the pupils involved in the community contribute to addressing the educational challenges of today.

BYOD for Schools: Technical Advice for School Leaders and IT Administrators


The report addresses school leaders and IT administrators that have decided to implement BYOD and are looking for practical introductory advice regarding the technical aspects of it.

ICT in STEM Education - Impacts and Challenges (on school, administration and the private sector)


The report highlights the most relevant findings in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education and provides policy recommendations for schools, policymakers and the private educational and technological sector on how to better integrate these innovations in schools.

eTwinning summary report


This booklet is a summary of the eTwinning Monitoring Survey Report, published every two years, which takes stock of the action’s key achievements as well as the areas in need of further development, through an analysis of a largescale survey of eTwinning respondents.

Teacher Placement Initiatives - Collection of Best Practices


The STEM Alliance has published the "Teacher Placement Initiatives – Collection of Best Practices" booklet, containing a selection of 15 initiatives collected from 10 countries around the world, providing inspiring examples of STEM teacher placements in industry.