EMINENT 2019: Towards a whole school innovation culture

Conference Hashtag: #EMINENT2019

Date and Venue: 6-7 November 2019, Warsaw, Poland

Programme: Find out more information in the conference programme.

In a culture of innovation, the primary goal is to learn, so that the organisation or system as a whole can improve. This means nurturing a collaborative learning environment that learns from failures, encourages various ideas and ways of thinking, and translates these ideas into actions to solve specific challenges, and better meets the needs of different students.

During EMINENT 2019, European Schoolnet brought together its network of Ministries of Education, the European Commission, educational stakeholders and industry partners, to:

  • explore what is the European state-of-play of innovation at whole-school level
  • offer an open platform to various actors to share their good practices and ideas
  • recommend fundamentals to implement innovation culture at school level

European Schoolnet, in its effort to support the transformation of education processes for 21st century digitalised societies, identified the priority to address the whole school level. All stakeholders have had the opportunity to discover, share and debate on how to facilitate innovation culture in schools.


EMINENT 2019 streamed online the following sessions:

On 6 November: 

  • 9:30 - Official opening by the Polish Minister of education, followed by Pawel Poszytek, General Director of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (TBC), and Giovanni Biondi, Chair of European Schoolnet.
  • 10:00 - Welcome speech by Stefaan Hermans, European Commission.
  • 10:30 - Keynote speech Innovation: How Deep is Your Lake? Is innovation in education simply a persistent aspiration, a mythical outcome, a mirage, or a current reality? Ron Canuel, Education Strategist.
  • 11:45 - Conversation with Valerie Hannon, expert adviser on education to the OECD.

On 7 November:

  • 09:30 - Keynote speech 22 essential skills schools need to help students master for their future. Thierry Karsenti, Professor at the University of Montreal.
  • 11:30 - Round table How to prepare future leaders in our schools? Chaired by Anna Canato, Head of Education and Public Research at European Investment Bank.