Growing Digital Citizens - Developing active citizenship through eTwinning


What is a 'digital citizen'? How involvement in eTwinning has helped participants, be they teachers or students, develop this sense of who they are in this digital world? eTwinning publication ‘Growing Digital Citizens’ is highlighting the impact of eTwinning projects on developing active citizenship.

Better Internet for Kids - 2015-16 in review


This review provides an overview of the BIK project and describes some of the highlights of its last 18 months (from January 2015 – June 2016).

ENABLE resource pack for students, teachers, parents and campaigners


ENABLE has recently published resources to provide school staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to establish and lead an effective student Peer Support scheme in their schools as well as to help develop their students' social-emotional skills.

Efforts to Increase Students’ Interest in Pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Studies and Careers: National Measures taken by 30 Countries


This 2015 report is the latest in a series of reports about national efforts to increase students’ interest in pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies and careers.

The e-Skills Manifesto 2015


The e-Skills Manifesto 2015 outlines the road ahead for Europe to achieve its digital future – from the digital transformation of the economy, to new insights for business and policymakers through big data, to accelerating growth and fostering innovation and competitiveness through eLeadership.

Scientix 2 Results: How Scientix adds value to STEM education


This publication deals with all aspects of the Scientix project - the community for science education in Europe - ranging from the resources it provides to STEM educators, to the events the project has made possible and the knowledge and practices it has helped disseminate.

Scientix: Supporting Collaboration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education in Europe since 2010


This e-book is a fun read for anyone who would like to know the Scientix project - the community for science education in Europe - through a graphic and easily understandable presentation in less than 5 minutes.

Formal and Non-formal Educational Programmes on Digital Skills and Competences: Best Practices and Recommendations


The publication, prepared within the work of the Secretariat of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, presents a summary of best practices and case studies of formal and non-formal educational programmes, which focus on engaging and training pupils, students and young people in ICT.

Designing the future classroom Nº3 - Bring Your Own Device: A guide for school leaders


"BYOD Bring Your Own Device - A guide for school leaders" is a new publication by the European Schoolnet's Interactive Classroom Working Group (ICWG).

eTwining Ten Years On: Impact on teachers' practice, skills, an professional development opportunities, as reported by eTwinners


Ten years have passed since the eTwinning action was first launched, and this report marks the occasion by taking stock of the programme’s key achievements and areas in need of further development, through an analysis of a large-scale survey of eTwinning teachers launched at the end of 2014.