Our vision statement is about what European Schoolnet wants to achieve, giving shape and direction to the organisation's future.

Our vision is to transform education in Europe.


European Schoolnet's mission defines the "raison d'être" of the organisation and its main objectives, describing what our organisation does and how it does it.

European Schoolnet's mission is to support ministries of education, schools, teachers and relevant education stakeholders in Europe in the transformation of education processes for 21st century digitalized societies.

More particularly, European Schoolnet's remit is to:

  • identify and test promising innovative practices
  • share evidence about their impact, and 
  • support mainstreaming teaching and learning practices aligned with 21st century standards and expectations for the education of all students.

ICT and digitization are a particular focus of European Schoolnet's work, because of the critical role they play in terms of designing and implementing future classroom scenarios and supporting new forms of learning both in and out of school.


Our values define who we are and how we should act towards each other, our sponsors, stakeholders and the users of our services. The values set-out below represent the fundamental operating principles of how we carry out our work.

We Embrace Innovation

We embrace change and new ideas and are ready to look at the world and the challenges we face with fresh determination and a new pair of eyes. We aim to adjust to new situations even those that arise unexpectedly without losing our sense of direction or purpose. We are not afraid to make mistakes or to fail as we believe that this can provide the best learning experiences.    

We are Objective

Our professional credibility is based on the way we work. We strive to be impartial and objective and ensure that our work and results are based on a rigorous research methodology and evidence based enquiry. We take our time to arrive at our conclusions and base our decisions on firm data.

We Share our Knowledge

We know that innovation and break-through moments often come from sharing ideas with other people whether inside or outside of the office. We believe that we can accomplish more together through networking and actively seek to exchange best practices in our areas of work, encourage peer support and promote working together for the common good. We look to find partners and organisations to work with who share our fundamental values and beliefs.  

We Work Together as a Network of Ministries 

We are an independent network of ministries of education and work together to serve the interests of the wider school community in Europe. Through this work together, we seek to transform education in Europe via the innovative use of ICT, especially in the classroom. 

We Act Responsibly

We do our best to do the right thing and work for the common good including that of our own staff, our ministry members, our stakeholders and the users of our services. Acting responsibly means that:

  • We value each other's differences and experiences
  • We live up to our commitments as individuals, an organisation and a network 
  • We act with integrity and take responsibility for our actions